It’s Coming…and Everyone is Getting Excited.

The 100th Episode of the Sonic Parthenon Show with Elwood Dutch Pennypacker is on the way this weekend.

Celebrating an Exit Out of the Solar System

The next Sonic Parthenon Show remarks on a milestone:


Listen to Episode 93 when it premieres on the podcast, or catch it live in a few minutes.

A Shameless forced tie-in

Or…a musical conversation about the nature of good, bad, ugly, and evil.

The Sonic Parthenon Show, streaming live tonight at 7 Eastern, updated podcast soon to follow:

The Sonic Parthenon Show’s Ode to Radio

In honor of This American Life’s 500th episode, an ode to radio via rock n’ roll music - from the Golden Age of audio entertainment to today. The live stream of this episode is at 7 Eastern tonight.

It’s June 16. Today, the Sonic Parthenon Show is live at 4PM Eastern.

"Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed…"

Not Buck Mulligan

The 77th Edition of the Sonic Parthenon Show Marks the Dawn of a New Era


All will be revealed - probably tonight around 7ish,

The Sonic Parthenon Show is Back…in a few minutes!

6PM start after a long hiatus.

And tonight, Elwood is taking a trip down memory lane, back to the old alma mater.

The Sonic Parthenon Show’s Full Archive is Alive

Paste this humdinger into your podcast feed:

Now you can have every single episode brought right to you.

And continue to go to to get individual mp3’s with the playlists and the occasional poem.

The Top 25 Countdown of 2012 - Tonight’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular on the Sonic Parthenon Show

Bring the family. Most likely 7 Eastern.

And to warm you up, here are:

The Year in Playlists

The Year in Concerts

Another Year…Another Pennypacker Festivus…or…Why We Should Celebrate the Winter Harvest and the Revolution of the Earth Around the Sun**tvtimesbenny1960a.jpg

This Sunday at 7 Eastern if we can help it. If the Mayans can too. And other such nonsense.